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Welcome poke-lover to Lush, a fansite dedicated to the grass-type pokemon Leafeon introduced in Generation 4 of Pokemon. Here you will find lots of information on Leafeon like anime appearances, game play, strategy plans and more. Please take a look around and visit my affiliates for other wonderful fansites! Thank you for dropping by.


12.25.2014 Merry Christmas, I have changed the layout for the site! This one is a little more preppy and a table instead of a iframe! I like it so far! Information for obtaining Leafeon in OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire has been added. FYI I got the Sapphire version ^_^!

07.01.2014 Strategy page complete, I have 3 strategy and a blurb about teams completed. The affiliate page has been created, no affliates yet but the page is there. :) This site is like 90% complete. OMG so fast!

06.27.2014 The Media page now has screencaps, I finished the anime portion of the appearances page and completed the Gamepay page! Getting stuff done, woot woot ^_^

06.23.2014 I have added additional goodies to the extra page. I have started on the anime and manga appearance page too. A "hit" counter has also been added, thinking of joinging in some link rotations too. Hmmm

06.20.2014 Started on the general info page, gameplay and extras page. I made a list of Leafeon nicknames you can give your Leafeon if you are having a hard time with nicknames!

06.17.2014 All links are now linked but not all content is available yet. The credit page has been made and basic credits are all added. Additional credits will appear as new stuff is added to the site. :)

06.12.2014 The site has been opened but still requires work, many pages are missing! Will update slowly to get the site up to speed.